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martes, 08. mayo 2018, San Cugat, CCO Module Courses. Module II

Complete Clinical Orthodontics (CCO) is the only orthodontic system with treatment mechanics designed to take full advantage of an interactive self-ligation appliance and the most technologically advanced wires. The system is specifically designed to optimize the bracket and arch wire relationship providing stability and consistency while meeting almost all clinical challenges.

The CCO system is designed by a team of Orthodontic industry leaders, who combine excellence and efficiency leading to optimal clinical results. CCO Combines the experience of the past with the technology of today:

• CCO optimizes the correct interaction between Wire and Bracket
• Lead by an International Team of Key Opinion Leaders and well-respected Clinicians
• Interactive Learning Environment with advance educational tools

• To provide a complete and comprehensive overview and instruction of the CCO System
• Accelerated course in CCO Orthodontic Diagnosis, Treatment and Mechanics
• Stress the importance of Interdisciplinary Treatments
• Assist in the implementation of the System in the everyday practice
• How the CCO system can make your practice grow

The main objective of this course is to enhance the daily practice of
orthodontics through the implementation of the latest and most
technological approached to orthodontics – both in treatment
design and in the utilization of the most modern materials.
Not only will it instruct in the implementation of efficiency and
consistency in orthodontic protocol, but also how this system
can help grow each and every orthodontic practice.


Mayo 8-10, 2018
Diagnostic Principals of CCO System. Transverse Dimension
and Airways. Mechanics of CCO: How and why it works.

Ryan Tamburrino
• Understanding of Transverse Goals and limitations
• 7 steps to correct Case Diagnostics
• Transverse Dimension and Parafunction, Airways, Effective
• Interpretation of CBCT images
• Diagnostic Informational Form
• Categorize the severity of malocclusions in all 3 dimensions

Celestino Nobrega
• Principals of Interactive Self Ligating Brackets
• Metallurgy, Superelasticity: Bracket Construction and Wires
• Torque expression, Friction and Resistance
• Science behind the mechanical principals of CCO

Javier Moyano and Julia García Baeza
• 3 Stages of Treatment: Initial, Working and Finishing
• Patient case reviews - Participants
• UIC/CCO patients
• Review for the phases of treatments, patient bonding and

3 modules of 2 ½ days each. Thursday, Friday, Saturday (AM). All
modules will consist of both theoretical and practical sessions, on patients and typodont. Patients treated during these sessions
will be patients of the UIC clinic.
Total Hour of Study – 60 hours (aprox).

CCO Module Courses. Module II

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