lunes, 02. julio 2018, Círculo Ecuestre, Global Club of Leaders Special Session

Traditional summer session of The Global Club of Leaders - an excellent occasion for meeting with like-minded people, searching for new partners and clients - will gather together business, education and scientific leaders from around the world to discuss modern management methods and concepts of leadership, the role of personality in business achievements and presentations of successful management experience.The programme will continue with a national dinner and a visit to the colourful flamenco show which can facilitate to strengthen business ties and provide an excellent opportunity to continue mutually beneficial communication in an informal atmosphere while enjoying the cultural atmosphere of the Catalan capital.The session will be attended by owners of prominent regional companies, successful and contemporary top managers, representatives of national scientific and cultural elites.

Global Club of Leaders:
Established in 2006, the Global Club of Leaders is a membership-based by invitation only Club: the global business networking platform. The President of GCL is Cristina Briggs, the global partnership consultant with more than 20 years of experience in international relations, business ambassador and advisor to Tony Robbins Platinum Partnership, currently CEO and Founder, New World Insight, of the GCL are prominent state and public figures, businessmen and entrepreneurs from all over the world who have succeeded in various fields of social and business life. GCL brings together like-minded peers, demonstrating competence, innovation and reliability. CEOs, senior executives of private and public sector companies, University faculty and academics from 47 countries (Europe, Asia, Africa, and Middle East) connect together for further business development and social progress impact.Our experts annually determine the leading specialised regional companies and national business leaders to be invited to enter the club.

The mix of rich history and modern culture makes Barcelona one of the most popular destinations for visits. In the center of European diversity, as well as a convenient transport interchange, Barcelona is an ideal place for international congresses and meetings. With stunning architecture, bars, restaurants and entertainment the city offers pastime for all tastes. Countless options are available to satisfy the most refined tastes: Barcelona is famous for its magnificent shopping areas, sports grounds and world-class restaurants. Business travelers have the opportunity to visit a variety of attractions in the breaks between meetings. The city often attracts the most popular musicians and artists of the world, which is perfectly combined with the unique local musical traditions of the city.
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Before booking a ticket please contact for confirmation Ms Sophie Kowall, Global Club of Leaders Programme Manager: sophiekow@

Global Club of Leaders Special Session

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