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The Freelance Economy and the rise of platform business models are changing the world around us. 
Today, a company’s workforce is very likely to comprise an extended ecosystem: employees, shared employees, agency workers, fixed-term workers, freelancers, digital nomads, etc. While this biodiversity of the jobs market needs to be nurtured, it is also creating new challenges e.g. sourcing the right talents, ensuring they collaborate seamlessly, developing upskills programs and implementing HR policies to keep all workers engaged.
At Euro Freelancers, we all share the same core frustration: we believe the the world of work is changing too slowly. The time to put the non-employee workforce and platforms to good use is right now, and we want to help. That’s why we’re proud to present this Masterclass, a half-day course during which you’ll learn how to develop your own non-employees based platform, with a strong emphasis on practical business applications and friction removal. We’ve got two top-notch instructors with proven track records to help you along the way.
13.00-13.15: Welcome
13.15-14.00: Trainers' Briefing
14.00-15.30: Non-Employees Platform Simulation Exercise (*)
15.30-15.45: Break
15.45-16.30: Peer to Peer Evaluation
16.30-17.15: Trainers' Briefing
17.15-18.15: Feedback and Discussion [using sli.do]
18.15-18.30: Networking
18.30-20.30: 1:1 Coaching Session [upon request]
(*) This Masterclass will use an adaptation of the Business Model Generation Canvas, the Platform Design Canvas, the Platform Calculator, and the Community Canvas to simulate the set up of a non-employees based platform.
What is this Masterclass?
A half-day of training and strategic thinking where you will learn with others how to build, scale and govern your own non-employees based platform. You’ll be able to apply the learning directly to your company, product, service, or to a market that you are thinking to access.
After building your understanding and capacity, we will help you design a roadmap with step by steps actions to validate your platform ideas and test it through a lean prototyping approach.

What is a non-employees based platform?
A non-employees based platform is a decentralized group of highly-skilled independent workers who could be accessed on-demand. To work effectively with a pool of external experts, companies need to design an ideal architecture and the right tools to nurture their non-employees based platform.
Estimates by McKinsey predict that 70% of the working population in Europe will become freelance by 2030 and that companies pursuing platform strategies yield a better payoff in both revenue and growth. Further, according to a recent IBM study, 46% of organizations are investing in or considering new platform business models.
Why it matters
The continued rise of independent work is driving companies, large and small, to rethink the way how they staff their projects and flexibilise their workforce. 
Companies need to develop a broader talent strategy that acknowledges the new diversity within the workplace and reflects the growing number of non-employee contributors. This will add competitive advantages: access to specialised skills to staff project-based work and agility in the face of volatile and complex business environment.

What you will learn
On the basis of tested methodologies, this Masterclass will equip you with tools needed to develop your own non-employees based platform and apply them to provide value in business contexts. That includes:

Design a digital platform matching external labour supply and demand
Different revenue models to monetize transactions on a platform
Growth hacks techniques and freelancers hiring tips
The tools needed to manage your platform
Insurance and third party integrations for your platform
Case studies, key success metrics, and pitfalls for collaborating with a distributed hybrid team
Avoid legal risks associated with the use of self-employed workers
Operate a Freelance Management System (FMS) software
An engagement simulation with non-employees applicable to your case
Measure performance of a multifaceted team made of different types of contracts and statuses
Integrate internal and external workers via unified HR processes
Build new forms of social security and upskilling for an extended workforce

For whom?
If you are a business executive, HR, digital or community manager, service designer, founder or just someone who wants to be inspired by concrete examples of non-employees based platforms, this is the course for you. Additionally, attend if you want to:

Enter the collaborative economy and decentralise your workforce
Increase labour productivity, flexibility and engagement of your extended workforce
Get more work done by reducing costs and time to market but not compromising quality
Learn how to master a set of tools to design and govern a digital platform focussed on services provided by independent workers

How it works
Content: 20% briefing, 50% exercise, 30% reflection Maximum group size: 20 people Language: English Handouts: Provided before and after the masterclass Required Expertise: For both beginners and experts Contact: 
Ticket and cancellation policy
In case this Masterclass is not confirmed, you'll receive a full refund of your registration fee. In case the trainers have to cancel due to unforeseeable circumstances you'll receive a full refund of your registration fee. Please note that travel or other costs will not be refunded.
Make sure you select the right ticketing option. If you're a EU registered VAT holder you will save 24% VAT.
If you cancel your ticket up to one week before the Masterclass, you'll receive a full refund. No refund will be offered as of one week before the Masterclass. You can however trasfer your ticket to a colleague from the same organisation at no extra charge.
Ticket invoices will be issued and sent to you after the event.

Marco Torregrossa is a workforce advisor, helping organisation navigate the future of work and build better wirkplaces. He is CEO at Euro Freelancers, a curated marketplace for consulting and legal services on-demand. He is Secretary General at the European Forum of Independent Professionals, a European association advocating for policy, business and society to become more conducive to the self-employed way of working. He is the Coordinator of European Freelancers Week, the world’s largest annual campaign celebrating independent work and helping millions of Europeans discover the Freelance Economy.
Marco is a former policy officer in the EU Commission and a lawyer by training, specialised in new forms of collaborative self-employment, cooperative solo-entrepreneurship, digital work on platforms and the impacts of flexible labor regulations on the future of work.
For the past 14 years, he has been leading government relations and advocacy efforts, advising policymakers on the issues that one-person businesses and their ecosystem face. The focus is on better understanding how changes in our economy and society are impacting work, and what public policy approaches can help workers and businesses adjust and succeed in this evolving environment.
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Albert Cañigueral is the OuiShare Connector for Spain and Latin America. Albert created the blog ConsumoColaborativo in 2011, and since then he has been considered a reference person in the collaborative economy in the Spanish language.
He works as a consultant on the adaptation of organizations to the collaborative economy. He recently focused on collaborative cities and regulatory innovations.
Author of “Vivir mejor con menos” (Connecta 2015) and co-author of “Retos y posibilidades de la economía colaborativa en América Latina y el Caribe” (Banco Interamericano de Desarrollo / FOMIN, 2017).
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How to Build, Scale and Govern Your Own Non-Employees Platform

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