martes, 02. octubre 2018, Imaguru Startup HUB, Imaguru Blockchain School

For Whom
For developers and IT professionals. Ordinary understanding of programming required.
Program Summary
13 days of On-site lectures and practical coding with best European mentors and blockchain coders
+ Blockchain Weekend 
TOTAL     98 hours
Lectures    15 hours
Practicum  35 hours
Hackathon 48 hours
School orientation
Cryptoeconomy basics
Decentralized systems
Basic elements of blockchains and cryptography
Disruptive bitcoin
Future of banks
Cryptocurrency: future and trends
Graphene-based blockchains 
Future of investments
Exonum: a framework for blockchain solutions
Ethereum basics
Building services and products with Ethereum blockchain
Building smart contracts
Testing smart contracts
Building products and services with Steem/Golos blockchain engine
Melonport infrastructure: building and testing new modules or apps .
Security in blockchains
Design Thinking
Blockchain ideas generation. Work in groups.
990 EUR for 95 hours of on-site lectures and practical coding
Please register below to secure your participation by Sept 20, 2018

Imaguru Blockchain School

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