martes, 04. septiembre 2018, Hotel Miguel Ángel, International Learning and Development Expo 2018

Persona GLOBAL presents the first Learning and Development Expo in Madrid featuring international authors, experts, and practitioners in the Learning and Development, Training & Development, Organizational Development, Human Resources as well as Consulting Industry from different countries around the world who will share the best industry practices, new and innovative content, and networking opportunities.
The Expo Features Latest Tools and Methodologies in Training & Development:

Storytelling for Leaders and Storytelling for Sales - Did you know that stories have incredible power to make people take action? Meet and connect with Mark Schenk (Australia), the Storytelling Ninja and ask him some insights on how to engage, influence, and inspire your team and clients using stories!
Gametize - Fully engaged customers and advocates represents 23% more revenue and relationship growth. Motivate and reward your audiences with the world’s simplest gamification platform. Learn from Keith Ng (Singapore) the Gamification Virtuoso on how to build games through Gametize platform to support or as a tool for your learning and development programs in 5 minutes.
Futures Platform - Imagine the benefits if you had a tool that maps out what lies ahead for your organization. This tool lets your team build an organized view of the trends that will change your organization's future. Take home the knowledge of predicting future from Ville Vanhala (Finland).
Business Board Games: Do you know that experiential learning tools such as board games are on the rise? Rustem Bogdanov (Russia), the Board Game Guru will showcase his range of board games such as: Management Puzzle, Business Strategy, and VUCA World that have been deployed in different countries around the world for training and development.
Business Simulation Games: Play the interactive simulation games developed specifically for business to enhance learning in leadership, management, finance and business acumen, as well as complex sales. Jonathan Knight (United Kingdom) will bring to the table strategic games that include: Strategic Feat, Rich way, Agile Build, I-Merger, Hydro Laos, Unity, Financial Feat, Clean Sweep, and Strategic Sales.
ValueView Assessment - Bridge the gap between business and Learning and Development. Find out from Robert Reinfuss (Poland) on how this assessment can help make your business more profitable by minimizing unnecessary tasks performed in organization. The recipient of 2018 Innovator Award will share how the tool can eventually increase employee engagement.  
NeuroView – Research identified that trust is the key factor between high-performance and low-performance cultures. Learn the connection between organizational development and neuroscience through this assessment. Network and find out from Matt Pocock (United Kingdom) how his assessment can help your organization.
Color Accounting – Who thinks Accounting is difficult? It shouldn´t be. Come and talk to Peter Frampton (Switzerland/South Africa) to learn Accounting through logical colors, vivid diagrams, plain language, accelerated learning techniques, and even special sound effects, cater to all learning styles.
The Persuasive Communicator and The Persuasive Salesperson – Popular programs that have been utilized by 2 million people around the world. Find out from Jon Gornstein (United States) on how his programs have changed many people’s lives through a better communication.
Chronos – Each of us has 24 hours in a day. However some people can accomplish more tasks and responsibilities compared to others. Learn how to reach a more productive yet balanced professional life.
Building a High Performance Team – Steve Jobs said “Great things in business are never done by one person. They are done by a team of people.” Uncover the great leaders’ secrets to unleash the best performance out of their team members!

Refreshments are included. 

Certified Workshops, Assessments, and Simulations
Curious to learn more? Persona GLOBAL offers workshop and certification on the programs being exhibited. Get you/your team certified in Persona Global’s quickest time to market and ROI generating programs. Much of our content is already translated/adapted in a multitude of languages, including Spanish. Contact us at for information on certification.  

International Learning and Development Expo 2018

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